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İngilizce Kendini Tanıtma Örneği Öğrenci İçin

İngilizce Kendini Tanıtma Örneği

Hi, my name is Meryem. I’m 13 years old 8th grade student in Turkey. My life is not diffirent than a usual teenage tho but I have some interests on arts like drawing, animating and etc… For now I’m thinking to be a digital artist in future, just practice is all I need. My drawing not good as well but not that bad. Also I was said ”animating” so yes I’m a amateur animator but I’m good with lighting and doing wallpapers. In my personal life I have no too many friends who respects me as an artists, even I have no one!? But my older sister always supports me, I like her so much because she is really kind, cool and a fluffy person like a panda. I’m living in a small family, just me, my sis, my mom and dad. I also know English 80% so I like english puns so much.


+Who’s there?


+Dishes who?

-Queen the Dishes.

I love this one too much, when I remember I always laugh haha.

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